The Story

Together with her family, Mila is a refugee on the Mediterranean. Memories of life in her village, fear of what the future holds, and the hope to be rescued are interspersed with the strong emotions she and her fellow passengers share on the small boat they all find themselves on.

The Project

A set of illustrations to accompany Sonja Brauner's book "Sea Soul Alone".  An Austrian psychotherapist and therapist for infants, children, and young adults, "Sea Soul Alone" is the first in Sonja's new children’s books series Lovetheworldbooks. Each book is translated from the original German into 4 languages and 1 Euro is dontated to a social organisation specializing in and supporting the theme of that children’s book.

These images aim to capture the vastness, unending water and emotional depth of a the journey on a small crowded boat across the sea. 

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